High-Quality Photos

“Because a photo is worth 1,000 words”

We provide 2 options for our High-Quality Photos service:

  • Generated directly from the 3D Matterport Virtual Tour – MP Photos

  • Shoot separately with a DSLR camera – HDR Photos

While the photo quality is very similar in both cases, HDR Photos require an advanced post-production process generally resulting in higher contrast and more natural color feel.

On the other hand, MP Photos save time on site, as they are captured at the same time as the 3D Virtual Tour, and demand a simpler post-production process, which allows us to offer MP Photos at a much lower price than HDR Photos through our 3D Virtual Tour packages.

The number of photos provided depends on the property’s square footage and property layout. A 2000 Sq Ft property can generate between 30-35 photos.

MP Photos – only $100 when combined with a 3D Virtual Tour.

HDR Photos – starting at $199 and it doesn’t require a 3D Virtual Tour order.