“Offer 24/7 interactive school tour and boost enrollment”

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“Offer 24/7 interactive school tour and boost enrollment”

As a pioneer in 3D Virtual Tours for educational institutions, LA360VR delivers online interactive experiences tailored to any size campus for preschools, K-12 schools, and colleges.
By combining Aerial 360 views with exterior shots and inside classrooms 3D scans, we provide a completely immersive 3D Virtual Tour for students, parents, and teachers.
Our customized 3D Tour can easily be embedded in the school’s website and may include links to existing digital materials or new online media content we will provide.

Contact us today at 818-987-6008 to schedule a free consultation for your school’s 3D Virtual Tour project.


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Benefits of using a 3D Virtual Tour:

  • Boost enrollment thanks to a modern online communication

  • The safest way to show schools to future students & parents
  • Great training tool for new staff

  • A fun tool to explore unknown areas or future classes

  • Familiarize with campus via phone, tablet, or computers
  • Improve communication with school administration
  • Concretely visualize school and better share experience with children
  • Identify accesses, exits & safety tools in place

  • Save time with interactive online visits 24/7

*Thanks to our nationwide network of professional providers, we can deliver projects anywhere in the US*

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