Architecture & Construction

“Show your ideas in 3D to better communicate your projects progress”

We provide valuable 3D solutions to architecture, engineering, and constructions firms.
Our 3D Virtual Tours capture current conditions at different phases of projects while providing accurate and fast measurements. Document and share construction progress, save travel time with remote inspections, improve customer service by sharing a full “digital twin” with property owners.
Add Mattertags to communicate more effectively with subcontractors by adding annotations, links, photos and videos directly in the 3D model.
Data can also be exported as point cloud or obj. file into Building Information Modeling (BIM) software thanks to the Matterpak option (additional charge applies)

  • Accurately capture & document projects current conditions

  • Provide visual of technical elements (electrical, plumbing…)

  • Improve communication between architects, engineers, and contractors

  • Save time & ensure safety by allowing virtual meetings versus physical visits

  • Give access to accurate measurements & data export to work with different platforms.