Architecture & Construction

“Communicate ideas & visualize construction progress at every step”

Whether you are looking to document various stages of a remodeling project, to evaluate the feasibility of a property addition or get a precise 3D CAD model of an existing structure, LA360VR provides various solutions.
For visual presentation and marketing purposes, we create 3D Virtual Tours of existing structures at different steps of the construction to allow contractors, homeowners & developers to follow and communicate about each project remotely and virtually walking inside.

For sharing new ideas and giving a concrete vision of future construction results, we also offer Virtual Remodeling & staging by professionally editing still photos or 360 pans.

For projects requiring extremely accurate dimensions, floor plans &elevation plans, we are also equipped with 3D high-precision LIDAR scanners to digitally capture properties, lands& commercial spaces with absolute detail.
Each scan point measures millions of points to collectively create a 3-dimensional “point cloud”that can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in popular CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling) applications.
From our high-density point cloud, we then offer “Scan-to-CAD” service where we develop true CAD representation of the scanned physical structures.

3D CAD model (RVT or DWG file format) from an existing 3-story property allowing to:

  • Move, rotate, zoom in & out the model in full 3D
  • Create cut sections to easily understand each floor layout
  • Access inside viewsfor first-person experience
3D CAD model
3D CAD model
3D CAD model

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