Please, make sure to review and follow all the recommendation for a better result.
Our team need at least 30 min to set up the shooting, so it’s very important to have the property ready by the time of the appointment to avoid any delay.
In case the property is not ready by the time of the appointment and this ends up causing more than 1hour delay, the appointment will need to be rescheduled and a $50 rescheduling fee will be charged.


Open shades/blinds
Wash windows/glass doors
Replace burnt light bulbs
Empty wastebaskets
Vacuum carpets
Sweep hard floors
Remove papers
Remove confidential or unwanted items
Adjust furniture and/or decor to desired position
Inform the Service Provider of any rooms or areas that should be excluded from Capture Services
Ensure the location is free of moving persons and objects


Clean mirrors
Hang fresh towels
Close toilet lid
Make sure the sink and bath are dry


Organize the products to showcase it


To ensure that you get the best results and we can maintain the proper safety measures when 3D shooting your listing, please let us share some additional details and recommendations:

1/ Our photographers always wear gloves and mask

2/ Our photographers touch the minimum of objects as possible so please, make sure the property is perfectly ready for the shooting: All objects at their right place and any items that don’t want to appear on the 3D Tour should be placed inside closets.

3/ Our photographers don’t generally include the inside of closets in the 3D Tours (so don’t hesitate to hide things inside). If your listing has a large walk-in closet that you feel is important to show, please let us know so that we can include it.

4/ Because of social distancing requirements, the property needs to be empty of occupants. If the property is owner-occupied, please ask all occupants to leave the house during the shooting which generally takes between 1h to 1h30 (depending on the size). For instance, they may stay in the backyard then move back inside once our photographer takes the outside 360 degrees shots.

5/ If the property is not occupied, please provide lockbox code.